Back to Basics…


So after 6weeks in a psychiatric unit discovering that I know absolutely nothing about myself or what makes me tick I have been released with one mission. PLAY.

Literally, that is what my wonderful Doctor has informed to do. Play.

Problem is I no longer remember how to play. I don’t remember how to not stress about every single thing in my life. I have spent my life trying to keep everything perfect and now I have exploded it all around me I am meant to just play.

So because I like plans I began to think of how to play and only one thing came to me. I am going to go back to basics. I am going to teach myself how to cook, how to exercise, how to play by learning new skills and hopefully in the midst of learning all these basic things that I really should have mastered throughout the course of my life I am going to learn who I am.

So with a little over 6months I am going to either rediscover who I am or become resigned to the fact that I am just a bit of a disaster. Oh and why the 6months? because I am getting married. Trust me there is nothing more that a loving partner adores than their partner having a breakdown just as they are going to get married!

I am a dream people!






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