Some pondering on “Food Prep”

Get Organised! 

The screaming headline on every food, fitness, motivational post I have read today in my research to be a better human. I checked all of Pinterest. I have seen all the wonderfully organised pictures and I thought to myself- This will be easy!And so in my head this was about to be my kitchen table…..



I mean isn’t that just beautiful? So organised and pretty and colourful. Who couldn’t do this and fix all their life’s problems??

As it would turn out that person is me.Welcome to my mental process of food prepping.

First off- I have to buy a lot of lunch boxes and boy are they expensive to a girl on a strict budget! Also there seems to be a lot of options for lunch boxes how am I meant to know which one is the best? Feck it I am getting the basic ones. It has a lid and it closes!

Secondly- where do you get food prep recipes that actually tell you exactly how many calories and nutrients are in each meal? most of the recipes I found seem to expect you to know exactly what a portion means and/or how to cook without oil. Hello I am Irish I pretty much know how to fry or roast things. I am now lost.

Whoa Whoa Whoa….. when did everyone become a culinary whiz at cutting vegetables? Like I literally know how to chop carrots in circles. Is this not cool anymore? Did I miss the Home Economics class were they taught you culinary art? Also have just realised my standard lunch boxes aren’t even what people use anymore to prep and store their “Clean eats.”

Ladies and Gentlemen say hello to the Mason Jar!!!! Lord save me and my unpopular lunchboxes!



At this stage in food prepping I have made a cup of tea and am eating a crisp sandwich while the oven heats up- forgive me but having a cooking appliance that needs to get itself ready to cook seems a tad ridiculous….

All I can say is thank god this is Day Zero and I am discovering this all now.

Off to google what a portion size is.


The lost girl in the food aisle.


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