The Reason for and the Rules

“Instead of taking two steps forward and three steps back, take one step forward and stay there.”

A couple of months ago sitting in a bar with friends I remember asking “Who even blogs anymore?” Ironically in the midst of my breakdown I have discovered who. ME! I blog, or rather I am going to blog. WELCOME TO THE BLOG!

I have decided to engage in a conversation with myself but instead of doing it privately and personally I am doing in publicly and openly. ┬áMostly because I can’t trust myself not to lie to myself and also because this blog will help in my mission to achieving a “Happier, healthier life” or it may serve as a warning to others to check their shit out before you implode your life.

I have decided to take back control of my life from my depression and anxiety ridden self and i have decided to share this journey with the world.

There are going to be some simple rules to this blog and they are as follows:

1.Blog Daily.

2.Be Honest.

3.Engage with life.

4.Keep it going for 100days.

So that is it. 100days, 100blogs, 100life lessons.

I settled on 100days because if I succeed in improving my mindset then I should note it after 100days. And who knows I might actually enjoy it.

So peace and love to you all for the next 100days.


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