Day 1- Weight, decisions and Cleaning?

So we all know the saying healthy body healthy mind right?

Well as it would turn out while I was being tormented mentally I really let my body go. So today I decided to that my body would be the first thing I take charge of. I mean it is my body and I can’t have damaged it that much right?

Wrong. Actually not wrong. I have gained about three stone in the last few months but in fairness I was being a hermit so I really couldn’t expect my weight to have stayed down. I want to do this a healthy normal way, I have past experience with ED and I am not going through that again. So here are my stats:

Height: 5foot 7inches

Weight: 12stone 8lbs

Waist: 39

Hips: 41

Chest: 40

Bust: 44

Thighs: 38

For the record asking your partner to measure you and seeing the slight shock in their face is a bit grim but feck it they put a ring on the finger then they can get through this. Also seeing your measurements written down in black and white is also grim. I was gonna pack it in right then and there. Last time I remember weighing myself I was a slim size 8UK and about 8stone 6lbs so the extra 4stone and 1 lb kinda freaked me out!

Onto the next part of the mission: Exercise.

I cannot join a gym. I have joined 4gyms in my life. Each time I went religiously for the first….week and then I never darkened the doors again. Twice I have even signed up for personal training and paid the money…. someone got a free holiday from my madness.

No I have decided that this journey should also be pretty cheap as I am currently disastrously unemployed. Couch to 5k here I come! 30 minutes a day. I can do 30minutes a day. I do 30minutes a day of meditation. How hard can running be? Well the truth is running kinda sucks. My boobs bounced everywhere (Another sign of weight gain is I now have boobs which I do not want to lose!) and I found the stop start of the Couch to 5K tough but I will get used to it.

I then did some light exercise at home. I wasn’t sure where to start again because I bailed on the gym so often I only ever learnt the basics so the basics is where I began. I decided I am going to take each week in groups of ten, so this week all my exercises were 1 rotation of 10. This probably isn’t enough people think but hey it is more than I was doing so to me that is a huge success! YAY ME.

Food: Ok before I even try the food thing I have to say I know nothing about real healthy eating. I am debating joining slimming world or weight watchers but I am not jumping into any kinda diet until I am a little more stable. However, I did do something I haven’t done in ages….I got up for breakfast! it was porridge and my god porridge is tasteless so I put a banana into it!

I ate my prep food. It wasn’t terrible but I can’t help wondering if microwaving the food really takes the health factor out of it? I then had some pitta bread and ham and lettuce as I got hungry cleaning my apartment. I ate crisps and some chocolate too and then I had brown pasta, tuna and sweetcorn for dinner. I have no idea how people workout calories in food. It is probably healthier than I have ate in awhile even with the crisps and chocolate involved.

I am most impressed with the mindful practice. I want to keep that up. Day one of 100 done. I am proud!

Welcome to the journey if you have read through all this. It wasn’t a complete failure of the first day.

Peace and love x


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