Day Three….BULLSHIT!

Let’s call bullshit out.

I mean it let us all forget the absurdities of modern society and call absolute bullshit on the world. I am fed up of hearing , and this blog is also kinda one of those things, how wonderful life is if we just let go and let (insert a belief system here!)

Life is not fucking wonderful. It is a difficult mess where we are all trying to please someone else be it our families, our jobs or our other halves. That is why you read so many posts about doing things for yourself. I have mental health issues but that doesn’t excuse the fact that sometimes I am also just a moany bitch.

I can call myself a bitch and you know what someone else should also be allowed to call me a bitch if they feel like it. The world has become obsessed with being politically correct incase somewhere upon the line of calling bullshit out we offend someone.

I am unhappy with my mental health, my body and my own eating habits. I don’t know how to do make up and am exceedingly pissed at all the 15year olds on instagram who seem to know exactly how to do it perfectly.

I am annoyed at people who post happy facebook statuses about their wonderful partners or their dog. Like come the fuck on who has that much time to be that grateful for life all the time???

But that is just me ranting. probably someone does have time to feel that grateful. People applauded John Legend for taking off his girlfriends necklace like c’mon if you’re other half hasn’t helped pour your ass into bed or seen you fall over taking off a shoe what reality are you living in?

I love this portrayal of perfection and celebration of it! It is what the world is obsessed with. Everything is suddenly GOALS. here is my goal… LIVE THE MIDDLE LIFE!

I, clearly, am never going to be a roaring success and that is ok. I like being normal and average. When did being average equate being boring or dull? We are all in the middle of the road.

I pressurise myself to live a perfect life and end up in a fucking psych ward and still I was more worried about how that fact would upset my family than how being in a psych ward would upset me! That is weird shit people.

Let us call bullshit whenever we want from now on and just hands up tell people that they suck and that we suck!

Peace and love x x x x


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